Rosehip Seed & Immortelle Regenerating Facial Oil

A radiance-boosting blend of rejuvenating seed oils that promotes firmer, younger-looking skin. Rosehip Seed Oil and balancing Geranium Oil help slow the signs of premature aging.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic and oleic acids), powerful antioxidants (lycopene) and vitamins (vitamin A and beta carotene), this lightweight oil helps soothe, repair and prevent damage from free radicals

Helichrysum Oil

Known for its anti-inflammatory, soothing and therapeutic healing properties

Apricot Kernel Oil

This rejuvenating oil, rich in essential fatty acids, helps visibly soften fine lines and restore a healthy glow

Everyone’s talking about “clean beauty.” At Naturopathica, it’s not a buzzword—it’s who we are, and who we’ve always been. To us, clean beauty means fusing plant extracts and botanicals with scientific ingredients that are skin friendly, planet friendly, and proven to drive real results. (Because let’s face it, the only truly sustainable products are the ones you use until the very last drop.)

Made In Usa
Cruelty Free
This is one thing I cannot live without now! I mix this in w/my other moisturizer to give a natural but more rich feeling on my face. My skin soaks this up and not to mention is smells delicious!!
— Lindy, Dallas, TX

How to use

The Ritual:

As the final step in your skincare ritual, warm 1-2 pumps between your hands each morning and evening. Gently press the oil over your moisturizer to lock in hydration and moisture benefits.

The Enhanced Ritual:

For Dry or Flaking Skin: Use a mist (one to try: Oat & Calendula Soothing Jelly Mist) to add an extra layer of hydration before applying, helping to lock in hydration and fight water loss at the skin barrier.

To Encourage Lifted Features: Starting at the jawline and working your way to the cheeks, apply in upward and outward strokes, finishing on the forehead with an emphasis between the brows.

To remove stubborn eye makeup: Apply one to two pumps to a reusable makeup remover pad, and gently sweep over the eyes to thoroughly remove makeup, even if it’s waterproof. The product will work on its own, so please, no tugging!

Maximize Your Results:

To remove a full face of makeup and to enhance moisturization: Blend 1-2 pumps with a dime-sized amount of Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel, then mix with water to create a gentle cleansing foam. Massage into the face to break down makeup, then rinse with warm water or remove with a warm, damp cloth.

For overnight moisturization: Blend 1-2 pumps with a nickel-sized amount of White Tea Antioxidant Mask and apply to skin in a thin layer. Leave on overnight and rinse in the morning.

For protection against cold wind or dry air (like on airplanes): Blend 1-2 pumps with a dime-sized amount of your favorite Naturopathica moisturizer and apply to the face and neck daily.

Rosehip seed
Rosehip seed

Thanks to the soothing, nourishing properties of these herbal oils, your skin can stay protected from redness and irritation while fighting back against pollution and external stress.