Marshmallow & Probiotic Sensitivity Soothing Cream Cleanser


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This cushiony cream cleanser, formulated for sensitive skin, features soothing marshmallow and probiotics to instantly remove impurities while helping to combat redness for fresh, supple skin.

Perfect for all skin types, especially those prone to sensitivity and irritation.

  • Marshmallow

    Used in poultices for centuries to relieve skin irritation and redness, the root of this delicate flower is known for its soothing and emollient properties

  • Probiotic Lysate

    This probiotic has been fragmented to absorb more easily and support the skin’s microbiome, which reduces reactivity to environmental stressors

  • Microalgae

    Sourced from the Mediterranean, these encapsulated microalgae calm and nourish the skin.

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