Lavender Protective Moisturizer SPF 17

A nourishing moisturizer with micronized Zinc Oxide to help guard the skin from UVA/UVB damage. Turmeric Root helps prevent sun spots while fragrant Lavender calms irritation and soothes the senses.

Our mineral SPF formulas are reef-friendly, with responsibly-sourced Zinc Oxide that gives broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Redness Relief
UV Protection


Apply a liberal amount to skin 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Suitable for daily use. Non-waterproof. Reapply at least every two hours.

Micronized Zinc Oxide

Provides a physical barrier that blocks over 93% of UVA/UVB rays

Turmeric Extracts

Boosts UVB protection by discouraging the formation of free radicals


Calms irritation due to sun exposure

Everyone’s talking about “clean beauty.” At Naturopathica, it’s not a buzzword—it’s who we are, and who we’ve always been. To us, clean beauty means fusing plant extracts and botanicals with scientific ingredients that are skin friendly, planet friendly, and proven to drive real results. (Because let’s face it, the only truly sustainable products are the ones you use until the very last drop.)

Made In Usa
Cruelty Free

How to use

The Ritual:

In the morning, warm a quarter-sized amount of Lavender Protective Moisturizer SPF 17 between your hands and press evenly onto your face, neck, and décolleté. (Yes, it needs sunscreen, too!) Reapply your SPF every two hours to maintain protection and reapply immediately after swimming or sweating.

The Enhanced Ritual:

To ensure complete, lasting coverage, use the “2 finger” method: Apply 2 separate lines of SPF onto your pointer and middle fingers. This will provide enough coverage for your face. Then, measure a third line of product onto your ring finger for your neck and décolleté.

Maximize Your Results:

To fortify skin against visible damage from the sun and external pollution: Layering a Vitamin C product under your SPF helps further protect against free radical damage from UV rays, digital blue light, and environmental aggressors and pollutants. Two to try: Vitamin C Revitalizing Lotion or Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Remedy Serum.

To protect recently exfoliated skin: Skin that’s recently had an enzyme peel is especially vulnerable to sun sensitivity. After a peel, SPF should be worn (and reapplied) for at least 48 hours.

Naturopathica product ingredients laying on a table
Naturopathica product ingredients laying on a table

Prevent your skin from premature signs of aging with this one-two punch of soothing Lavender and detoxing Turmeric, plus micronized Zinc to fight UVA and UVB rays.