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CHILL™ Aromatic Alchemy


Prized by herbalists for their relaxing effect, the sweet apple-like notes of chamomile are blended with sparkling citrus notes of lemon verbena and neroli blossoms and then delicately layered with the hypnotic powers of bee balm to calm anxious thoughts, soothe frayed nerves or promote rest and relaxation.

✓ Rub 2-3 drops into palms of hands and inhale deeply to calm the mind

✓ Infuse bathwater with 5-6 drops to enhance sleep quality

✓ Place 2-3 drops on a tissue and place inside pillowcase to promote rest and relaxation

✓ Apply to cuticles to condition for an at-home manicure

Not intended for use in a diffuser.


Distilled from orange blossoms, creamy neroli scent is cherished for its calming and soothing properties

Lemon Verbena

Provides aromatherapy relief with an uplifting, citrus scent

Bee Balm

Known for its sweet scent

Made In Usa
Cruelty Free
Relaxing aromatherapy. I love using this on my wrists before sleep. The smell is so relaxing!
— Kristen, Boston, MA

How to use

The Ritual:

Add 1-2 drops to the palms of your hands or wrists and rub together to warm and activate this essential oil blend. Inhale deeply and experience the benefits of aromatherapy. 

The Enhanced Ritual: 

Apply the Box Breathing method to your inhalation therapy:

  1. Inhale for 4 seconds
  2. Hold for 4 seconds 
  3. Exhale for 4 seconds
  4. Hold for 4 seconds 
  5. Repeat for up to 5 cycles.

Maximize Your Results:

Practice Inhalation Therapy in the Bath:  Add Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes into a warm bath, then place 2 drops of Chill Aromatic Alchemy on your wrists before entering the tub. Place your wrists over the nose and breathe deeply. Take notice of how the warm water soothes the body.

As a nervine, Bee Balm is a natural floral compound that helps restore equilibrium (translation: a very chill vibe) to the senses, helping to quiet an anxious mind.

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