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Chamomile Calming Honey

This wildflower honey, infused with soothing herbs, helps calm the mind and senses.
Stress Relief


Prized for its ability to relax and soothe the mind


Traditionally used as a balancing aromatic

Wildflower Honey

A natural source of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants

Everyone’s talking about “clean beauty.” At Naturopathica, it’s not a buzzword—it’s who we are, and who we’ve always been. To us, clean beauty means fusing plant extracts and botanicals with scientific ingredients that are skin friendly, planet friendly, and proven to drive real results. (Because let’s face it, the only truly sustainable products are the ones you use until the very last drop.)

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I love this honey, it tastes like Chamomile and is so calming and soothing. I use it in my Naturopathica teas with the tinctures as well as recently I mixed it with goat cheese and brought it to a friends house and she absolutely loved it.
— Cara, Orange County, CA

How to use

The Ritual:

This delicious wildflower honey is blended with potent botanicals like Chamomile and Lavender to calm the senses. Use one teaspoon at a time until desired taste is reached.

The Enhanced Ritual:

Mix with yogurt, smoothies, tea or enjoy by the spoonful!

Maximize Your Results:

Use with any Naturopathica Tea, like Spearmint and Gotu Kola Clarifying Tea. Use with any Naturopathica Tincture, like our best-selling Oat Stress Relief Tincture or Passionflower Sleep Tincture.

Wildflowers with bees on them
wild flower with bees

We use Wildflower Honey from bees and infuse it with calming Chamomile to restore harmony and balance to overwhelmed senses.