Yes, Your Body Needs a Skincare Routine

As the song goes, your body is a wonderland. But just like your favorite roller coaster (Space Mountain Paris, who's with us?) that means it needs care and maintenance to remain its most thrilling self. Here's how to build a body skincare routine that firms, tones, and smooths —and gives you a few well-earned moments of "me time" in the process.

Exfoliation: The Outer Way to Inner Glow

Gently clearing and buffing your body is the most effective way to get smoother, more radiant skin. That happens through exfoliation, which removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores—yes, the skin on your body has pores, too—while revealing brighter, firmer skin in the process. Exfoliating can also help reduce symptoms of keratosis pilaris (bumpy skin), body acne, and ingrown hairs from shaving or waxing. Plus, it preps the skin to absorb nutrients faster and deeper, maximizing your favorite products' benefits.

Exfoliate your body:

Lemongrass Mimosa Body Scrub or Manuka Honey Shower Body Exfoliator

Moisturizing: The Not-So-Secret Weapon for Smoother Skin

You know all about keeping your face hydrated. It's just as important to moisturize your body if you want to relieve dryness, itchy irritation, and rough patches. (Moisturizing also helps lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.) Well-moisturized skin will feel smoother and appear more radiant—sometimes even gleaming—and applying a body moisturizer also gives you the opportunity to massage your hard-working muscles while promoting lymphatic drainage. In short, it's not just a way to look better—it's also a way to be kind to your body and mind.

Moisturize your body:

Manuka Honey Creamy Body Lotion or Sicilian Bergamot Body Lotion

Sun Protection: The Ray Report

Woman showing the correct two-finger method for sunscreen application

Just like the skin on your face, your body needs protection from UVA and UVB rays whenever it's exposed to sunlight for more than a few minutes. "But I never burn!" you might say, and that's great. Unfortunately, skin cancer can happen to all different skin types and tones, and so can the premature signs of aging that happen with too much sun exposure. Of course, there's no reason to risk the health of the planet, either, which is why all our SPF is mineral-based and totally reef safe.

To ensure complete, lasting coverage on your face, use the “2 finger” method: Apply 2 separate lines of SPF onto your pointer and middle fingers. Then, measure a third line of product onto your ring finger for your neck and décolleté. For the rest of your body, we recommend one ounce of SPF lotion (about a shot glass).

Protect your body with SPF:

Lavender & Turmeric Protective Moisturizer SPF 50