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Relax and recharge with stress and skin soothing best sellers.

Skin Tea
(6 sachets): A refreshing blend, redolent with aromas of grapefruit and blood orange.

Oats Stress Relief Tincture (1.7 oz.): Liquid herbal supplement. According to King's American Dispensary, the 19th century book of herbal medicine, oats are considered a restorative "nerve tonic" for exhaustion.

Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm (.88 oz.): This cleansing balm promotes a healthy skin microbiome with moisturizing manuka honey, strengthening probiotics and royal jelly peptides to nourish and reinforce the skin barrier.

Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream (.33 oz.): A nourishing, deeply moisturizing cream that contains anti-inflammatory calendula extract to soothe dry, sensitive skin and conditioning borage seed oil to help soften the skin.

Chill Aromatic Alchemy (1.7 oz.): Prized by herbalists for their relaxing effect, the sweet apple-like notes of chamomile are blended with sparkling citrus notes of lemon verbena and neroli blossoms and then delicately layered with the hypnotic powers of bee balm to calm anxious thoughts, soothe frayed nerves or promote rest and relaxation.

  • Neroli

    Distilled from orange blossoms, creamy Neroli scent is cherished for its calming and soothing properties

  • Tulsi

    An adaptogen full of antioxidants, this herb has traditionally been used to inspire creativity

  • Calendula

    Used in European pharmacopeias for hundreds of years as a wound-healing herb with anti-inflammatory benefits to help calm aggravated skin.

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