Sweet Cherry Polishing Lip Scrub

A delectably effective lip polish, featuring exfoliating Cherry Seed Powder and antioxidant-rich Sweet Cherry Seed Oil, that smooths and nourishes for the softest, healthiest-looking, most luscious lips.

Cherry Seed

Finely milled to gently exfoliate

Sweet Cherry Seed Oil

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and protect

Hibiscus Flower Extract

A gently polishing AHA

Everyone’s talking about “clean beauty.” At Naturopathica, it’s not a buzzword—it’s who we are, and who we’ve always been. To us, clean beauty means fusing plant extracts and botanicals with scientific ingredients that are skin friendly, planet friendly, and proven to drive real results. (Because let’s face it, the only truly sustainable products are the ones you use until the very last drop.)

Made In Usa
Cruelty Free
Baby smooth lips. This was my first purchase from Naturopathica, but will definitely not be my last! This lip scrub is everything my lips need, especially in my dry, winter climate.
— Lavish, Arizona

How to use

The Ritual:

On freshly cleansed skin, apply to the entire lip area in gentle circular motions.

The Enhanced Ritual:

A tip from the pros in our spa: Stretch your top and bottom lips with one hand, so that the skin is lying flat. This gives a better surface for the scrub to exfoliate.

Maximize Your Results:

After your scrub, apply a thick layer of Honey Vanilla Lip Balm over a coat of Sweet Cherry Conditioning Butter to create an overnight lip mask for severely dry or chapped lips.

A bunch of cherries
A bunch of cherries

With vitamins, antioxidants, and gentle fruit acids, cherries are the ideal ingredient for softer, fuller, juicer lips!