Important Notice Regarding Unauthorized Naturopathica® Sellers

Naturopathica Holistic Health, Inc. maintains its own, authorized shop on Naturopathica® products sold by Naturopathica Holistic Health and fulfilled by Amazon have the same warranty and return policies as do products sold on

However, there are many unauthorized sellers on and eBay selling counterfeit, used, close outs and old inventory products that may have lost their potency. These products may have been manufactured up to three years ago; none of them comply with our standards. Products that were bought through unauthorized dealers are not covered by our warranty and may not be returned or exchanged.

If you have purchased Naturopathica® products from an unauthorized seller on Amazon or eBay, we ask for your help in identifying the fraudulent sellers. Please email us at with any information you can provide (order number, transaction date, seller information). We will do our best to get your product refunded to you by or eBay. Sadly, no matter their condition, these products are NOT covered by our warranty or return policy.

Unauthorized Sellers List*

Wholesale Products Group
Acadia Solutions
Grandpere’s Shop
The Sea Suppliers
Hayco Sales
Kreakle Group
The Doctor 102
Wendy’s Workshop
JellyBean Shop
Nina’s things
H&R. Store
D&H Deals
J&G Marketplace

*This List Is Not Comprehensive

Authorized Amazon Retailers

Naturopathica Holistic Health

Naturopathica® wants every customer to be completely satisfied with their purchase. All of our products have a quality control process and a warranty for a period of XXX year from the date of purchase. However, Naturopathica® will not accept returns of products that were purchased from an unauthorized seller. In order to insure your satisfaction with Naturopathica® products - or any manufacturer’s products - that you purchase online, always be sure that the seller is either the brand itself or a seller who has an authorized distributor symbol. On, that symbol is located under the seller name in the featured merchant page.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at