Herbal Consultations
Work with our herbalist to identify the particular supplements, dietary changes, and lifestyle tips that will keep you looking and feeling your very best.
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What is an Herbal Consultation?

A one-on-one meeting with our resident herbalist, Torin Murphy, offers a whole-body approach to wellness. A lifelong advocate for the medicinal benefits of plants and herbs, Torin conducts an in-depth analysis of your current habits and goals, to craft a customized regimen of herbal supplements, nutritional, and lifestyle practices.

What is an Herbalist?

Herbalists specialize in the power of medicinal plants, believing them to be our most effective healers to help prevent and treat imbalances and illness. Every session is targeted to your individual concerns.

What can I expect during my consultation?

Your first consultation will last anywhere from 1—2 hours as your herbalist educates themselves on your daily habits. You will be asked to speak to your health history, diet, and lifestyle—in addition to any supplements or medications (over-the-counter or prescription) that you’re currently using. The herbalist may check your pulse or examine your tongue to help inform their recommendations. With this deeper understanding of your personal health, together you’ll create a plan to achieve your well-being goals.

Typically, the herbalist will provide several suggestions after your first session, then follow up a few days later with a detailed, customized regimen.

Follow-ups tend to be shorter, allowing the herbalist to check in on your progress and address additional concerns, when necessary. After a few initial follow-ups, check-ins will become less frequent, occurring every 3—6 months.

Because herbal remedies harness your body’s natural healing abilities, their effects occur more gradually than with conventional medicine. If you’re an active participant and work with your herbalist to stay on track, they’ll ease the body into a healthier state, holistically.

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