Muscle & Joint Relief

Help ease muscle pain, tension and inflammation with time-tested natural remedies; Sweet Birch, Arnica and Ginger Root.
Musclejoint remedy
Mighty Mint Rescue Cream

A soothing, energizing and invigorating cream with cooling Peppermint and Menthol.

$ 36.00
4.2 oz.
Ginger Root Bath & Body Oil

Bath and massage oil with invigorating Lemongrass and soothing Ginger to ease muscle tension and ground the mind.

$ 34.00
4.2 oz.
Arnica Muscle & Joint Gel

This innovative gel contains Arnica, an ancient herb prized for its ability to soothe muscles while helping to minimize bruising.

$ 30.00
2.5 oz.
Soothe Away Soreness

For the athlete in your life, this set contains nature’s best remedies for pain relief.

$ 64.00
Alpine Arnica Bath & Body Oil

Bath and massage oil with Arnica to soothe muscle pain and Bay Laurel for deep relaxation and relief.

$ 34.00
4.2 oz.
Muscle & Joint Tea

Calcium and magnesium-rich Yerba Mate with Hibiscus, Turmeric and Ginger Root to help support muscle and joint health.

$ 19.00
16 sachets
Sweet Birch Deep Muscle Rub

Re-energize and soothe chronically sore or overworked muscles, tendons and joints before or after workouts. 

$ 32.00
2.5 oz.
Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes

Treat chronic muscle aches, cramps, stiffness with therapeutic Magnesium and Sweet Birch, traditionally used to ease muscle soreness.

$ 38.00
Turmeric Muscle & Joint Tincture

An anti-inflammatory liquid herbal supplement to help support healthy muscles and joints.

$ 29.00
1.7 oz.

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