Rose Quartz Facial Roller


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The Rose Quartz Facial Roller employs smooth crystals to relax facial muscles and firm the skin. It is the perfect companion to use with facial oils and serums, as it allows deeper absorption for a visibly firmer and glowing complexion.


Begin at the side of the nose and roll outwards towards cheeks with gentle but firm pressure. Repeat on both sides of the face. Next, move to the chin, start in the center, and follow the same outwards movement along the jawline towards the ear. Repeat on both sides of the face. Move up to brows, placing the stone on the brow bone, and use upward strokes towards the hairline. To end, roll down the sides of the neck and towards clavicle and use gentle sweeping motions that move out towards the shoulder. Repeat on both sides.

Each rose quartz tool is unique and natural. Color and appearance might have a slight difference to the images.

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