Muscle & Joint Set

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Help ease muscle pain, tension and inflammation with time-tested natural remedies.

Turmeric Muscle & Joint Tincture
(1.7 oz.): An anti-inflammatory liquid herbal supplement to help support healthy muscles and joints. Turmeric, also known as Indian saffron, dates back 4,000 years to Ayurvedic medicine where it was prized as a powerful anti-inflammatory spice.

Muscle & Joint Tea (16 sachets): Ruby red hibiscus is blended with yerba mate - rich in calcium and magnesium - and infused with intense, spicy turmeric, fresh ginger root, and a dusting of anise to support muscle and joint health.

Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes (1.7 oz.): This recipe combines sweet birch with magnesium bath flakes to re-invigorate sore muscles and stiff joints. An essential daily soak for yogis and athletes.

  • Turmeric

    Recognized as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

  • Sweet Birch

    This warming oil helps uplift and re-energize the body

  • Ginger Root

    Known for its anti-inflammatory properties

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