DIY Recipe for Chamomile Face Serum

Chamazulene, the active ingredient in German Chamomile, gives this essential oil its characteristic deep blue color and is responsible for its anti-inflammatory benefits.
During the colder months, this serum is one of the most effective remedies to calm rosacea or almost any type of dry, itchy skin condition. The soothing properties of Chamomile will have a calming effect on the emotional level as well. This is important since most skin imbalances have their roots in emotional stress and not just an external irritant. Evening Primrose Oil has a reputation as a healing agent for scars and is added to this blend to promote tissue repair along with avocado oil, which is rich in fatty acids.
½ ounce glass bottle
¼ ounce Evening Primrose Oil
¼ ounce Avocado Oil
Fill the bottle halfway with Evening Primrose Oil. Add essential oils and shake well. Top off with Avocado Oil, cover, and agitate a second time. Apply to affected areas.

Makes ½ ounce.