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If you suffer from seasonal allergies, itchy eyes, congestion and a runny nose might be synonymous with spring. Read on for natural remedies to help manage allergies and their symptoms.

An allergic reaction is just an immune response to a typically harmless substance. Still, when an allergen enters your system, the body reacts the same way as it does when it's exposed to an infection or disease. When the allergen is detected, your body begins a series of actions to get rid of it. Watery eyes, a runny nose and puffiness are all common signs of allergies because they are your body’s response to target, neutralize and remove the allergen from your system.

Seasonal allergies may feel different than a cold or a flu, but the body deals with both in the same way. Because of this, the best way to address allergies is to focus on building up your immune system. Here, we recommend a natural approach, one that uses soothing skin care to calm allergy symptoms and herbs to strengthen the body, so your system is better able to withstand allergens.

If you’re thinking, great, but what do I do about my puffy eyes and red, itchy skin, we’ve got you covered with a few products and rituals that offer a more immediate fix.  

Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum
It’s not fun to look like you’ve been crying all spring long. Luckily, our brightening serum is a dual-acting product. It both helps to minimize the appearance of dark circle with Vitamin K while Mica and Silica act as natural concealers.

Lavender Compress
A calming skin ritual, we love a cool Lavender compress for instant relief. The restorative, anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender help soothe puffy eyes and calm irritated skin, while the floral, herbaceous scent has a relaxing effect.

Fill a clean bathroom sink with cool water. Add 2-3 drops of Lavender essential oil and swish the water around to disperse. Soak a washcloth in the water, wring it out, apply to your face and inhale deeply.

A Soothing Lymphatic Massage
There are lymph nodes along your jawline and throughout your face and neck that can become swollen or puffed up due to seasonal allergies. A great way to calm this down is by promoting lymphatic drainage through a facial massage. Naturally cooling jade rollers make this ritual extra soothing.

Mist a hand towel with Rose Geranium Soothing Mist and place in your fridge along with a jade roller until cool. Remove, and then perform the following steps.
  1. Start by pressing your cool hand towel into your face to prep your skin.

  2. Apply Aloe Replenishing Gel Mask to your face and neck and begin to massage the following areas:

    Start by working on the lymph nodes at your jawline. With 2 fingers using medium pressure, start at the center of your chin and out to the front of your ears. At the front of your ears, massage up. Repeat these steps three times.

    Find the indentation where your jawline meets your neck behind the ears and press down gently.

    Then, use your jade roller to help drain the lymph nodes in your neck by rolling down your neck three times.

    Starting at the outer edge of your nose, use your jade roller to roll out across the apples of your cheeks. Repeat 3 times.

    Roll from your eyebrows to your hairline and repeat 3 times. Starting between your eyebrows, roll over your eyebrows, finishing at the temples. Repeat 3 times on each side. At the temples, use 2 fingers and massage in a circular motion.

Herbs are some of our most intuitive healers, having survived on the earth for thousands of years by adapting to the environment around them. There are a few key herbs you should keep in your home if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Nettle or Stinging Nettle is rich in vitamins, antihistamines and minerals like magnesium, selenium, zinc, calcium and potassium. Because Nettle contains antihistamines, it can help reduce the histamines that are released when an allergen enters the body. Nettle is also astringent, meaning that it pulls out moisture. This makes it especially useful for symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes or gunk in your throat. Try our Nettle Respiratory Tincture, a liquid herbal extract that contains the active elements of the herb.  

Adaptogen Herbs
If your immune system is stressed due to seasonal allergies, adaptogen herbs can detect this and help to build up your body’s resistance to this type of stress. Our Stress Tea features the adaptogens Schisandra, Oat Straw and Holy Basil, which can help boost your immune system.

Traditionally used as a cough remedy, Licorice is another herb that can be great for helping to clear out congestion. Licorice is also rich in Glycyrrhizinate, an acid that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits which can help soothe an allergic reaction. Experience Licorice and get an immune boost with our Vitality Tea or find it in our Wild Cherry Bark & Hyssop Respiratory Syrup.

Local, raw Honey is naturally anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich, so it helps to support and protect your body. Plus, it is often used as a cough suppressant. Explore our Fortified Honeys.

Like Nettle, Goldenrod is astringent and has been shown to be an effective remedy for respiratory congestion. It was traditionally used to help with liver issues. Liver-supporting herbs are also essential for dealing with allergies. The liver’s role is to remove toxins, and because the body treats allergens similarly to toxins, the healthier the liver, the better. Brew the aerial parts of Goldenrod, meaning the stems, leaves and flowers in a tea. Goldenrod can also be a secret weapon for cat allergies. If you’re local to New York City, you can purchase Goldenrod tea in bulk at Naturopathica Chelsea.

*Herbalism is a complementary practice to western medicine and is not licensed in the state of New York.

Dealing with seasonal allergies is never fun, but hopefully these suggestions provide some much-needed relief to help you enjoy the change of seasons. If you live in the New York City area and are seeking a more targeted approach to your allergies, schedule a consultation at Naturopathica Chelsea today.

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