Rituals From Around the Globe

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We proudly make our products in the USA, but we are inspired by cultures from around the world, whose healing traditions often provide a roadmap to creating our remedies and rituals.

Barbara’s lifelong passion for wellness was cultivated during frequent trips to visit her Aunt outside of Paris, where she was introduced to European healing rituals like hydrotherapy and herbal medicine. Barbara deepened her study, gaining a master’s degree in herbalism and continues to travel the world in search of new ingredients and rituals each year. These trips inspire the use of new ingredients or new modalities, and a refreshed understanding that taking care of yourself is a time-honored global practice that has shaped people’s lives for thousands of years.

Discover where some of our favorite rituals come from:

“Clean” Skin Care from India
Ayurveda, the Hindu form of holistic medicine that dates back over 5,000 years, embraces the idea of simple skin care—going so far as to recommend not to use anything on your skin that you cannot eat. There are so many ingredients that are just as welcome in the kitchen as they are on your face. Honey, an ingredient that has been used in skin care and food recipes for centuries, is an amazing moisturizer because it is a natural humectant, drawing moisture from the air back into your skin. We love feeling the Sweet Cherry Enzymes in our Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel help break down dead skin cells for a soft, smooth finish. Carrots are an excellent source of Beta-Carotene, along with other antioxidants, which make them an incredibly nutritious food. We extract the seed oil in Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil from the part of the plant with the most nutritive properties, the seed, to nourish and protect the skin.

While we don’t recommend eating your skin care, Naturopathica has always turned to nature’s time-tested remedies to inspire our formulas. But we pair these proven botanicals with clean active ingredients to create more powerful formulas to deliver a healthy, radiant complexion.

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Concentrates from Korea
Modern Korean beauty is probably most famous for the 8-10 step daily skin care ritual that focuses on creating an even-toned, radiant, seemingly transparent complexion. Enter concentrates, or essences, ultra-hydrating formulas that feature a higher volume of actives to deeply moisturize and revitalize skin for a dewy finish.

Unlike many concentrates out there, ours deliver rapid results with clean, innovative ingredients. The hydrating ingredient we use is Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, a natural Hyaluronic Acid with better absorption to deeply moisturize and defend against premature aging. We then add plant stem cells, and botanical extracts like Tamanu Seed Oil and Marine Extracts to bring about results, fast.

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Tea from China
Legend has it that Shennong, a Chinese emperor who is considered the inventor of agriculture, first discovered tea around 2737 BC. The story goes that while Shennong was sitting under a Camellia tree, a few leaves fell into his water to create a new flavor that the emperor found to be restorative. He is then said to have researched the plant further for its medicinal benefits. Tea has been used in China and throughout the world for its healing properties ever since.

A master herbalist, Barbara developed our collection of teas using therapeutic herbs to address common concerns, for example, infusing Our Muscle & Joint Tea with Turmeric, traditionally used to calm inflammation. Barbara sought to combine her wisdom of the therapeutic properties of plants with the sensual pleasure of savoring a cup of tea. With this in mind, she infused our teas with restorative herbs that are robust in flavor like Blood Orange, Elderflower and Ginger Root to elevate the simple pleasure of sipping a cup of tea.

Bath Rituals from Rome
While bath rituals can be traced to early Egypt, it was the Romans who turned the act into an art by creating large public baths called thermae that were as much for bathing as they were for socializing. Roman bathhouses had rooms for every step in the bathing process, from undressing, to bathing, to sauna-like spaces for sweating out toxins. These spaces often had rooms where guests would receive a massage to finish their bathing ritual. During the baths, the Romans would clean themselves in a mixture of Pumice and Ash and then rub themselves with Olive Oil to nourish their skin.

Self-care was an essential part of Roman culture, and the ancient Roman bath houses set the stage for modern day spas. At our own Healing Arts Centers & Spas, self-care comes in the form of spa treatments. While we might not have baths in our spas, our deeply restorative massages use therapeutic body oils that leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Now referred to as hydrotherapy, we also offer a range of bath cures that use water therapeutically to either relax or stimulate the circulatory and central nervous system.

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Aromatherapy from France
The practice of creating scents and essences from herbs has been around for thousands of years, but it was French chemist, René-Maurice Gattefossé who became interested in the medicinal use of essential oils in 1910 after using Lavender oil to help heal a case of gas gangrene that resulted from a bad burn. Gattefossé had devoted his life to the study of essential oils, and this burn and subsequent recovery confirmed a hypothesis that pure essential oils could be used for more than just their scents. Gattefossé’s discovery lead to another aromatherapist, Jean Valnet, treating soldier’s wounds with essential oils during World War II. In 1937, Gattefossé wrote the first book on aromatherapy that is still in use today.

A fellow aromatherapist, Barbara has always known that herbs are some of our most effective healers, and so our products use a variety of clinical grade essential oils to benefit the skin. She also developed a signature collection of aromatherapy blends that feature traditional essential oils from herbs that have been shown to ground and energize the senses.

At Naturopathica, we draw on healing practices from around the world and couple them with new innovations to create modern day solutions for overall well-being. Discover our products today.

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