A NEW Facial Oil that Works for Oily Skin

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All skin needs oil, a fact that most conventional acne treatments ignore. Oil acts as a protective layer that guards the skin from irritants and other environmental stressors. As teenagers, many of us were conditioned to get rid of oil using harsh medicated pads with astringent ingredients like Benzyl Alcohol, the idea being that these products will dry up the moisture-rich environment where pimples thrive. In reality, zapping oil with harsh ingredients leaves your skin exposed to all sorts of damage and will actually stimulate the production of more oil in an attempt to protect the skin.

It may seem counterintuitive, but a lightweight, purifying oil can be one of the most effective solutions to balance your skin’s oil production and soothe breakouts. We’re breaking down why there’s no better product for oily skin than our new Neroli Clarifying Facial Oil.

Oil? Really?
Pimples appear when an excess of dead skin cells and oil combine in your pores. To get rid of a pimple, you need to break down the buildup with the right ingredients. While teenaged skin may be able to quickly bounce back after using strong, drying ingredients, sensitive skin types and older skin need a little bit more care. Instead of focusing on clearing oil from the skin, the goal is to restore equilibrium by balancing oil production, soothing and healing your breakouts. Because like attracts like, a facial oil can bind to the excess oil in your pores to help dissolve the congestion and prevent breakouts.

Not All Base Oils are Created Equal
When looking for a clarifying facial oil, or any facial oil for that matter, pay attention to the base oil—what the rest of the more powerful ingredients are diluted in. A good facial oil will use vegetal oils as the base. Unlike mineral oils, vegetal oils are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids which are highly nourishing to the skin. Mineral oils have no bio-compatibility and can irritate the skin. Steer clear of products that use mineral oils like petrolatum or paraffin wax as bases because they could cause congestion, making your breakout worse.
Our Neroli Clarifying Facial Oil features Andiroba Seed Oil, a lightweight oil that has been traditionally used to reduce inflammation. Our oil also uses the non-comedogenic Sunflower Seed Oil to keep your pores clear. All our seed oils are cold-pressed rather than extracted by heat or in a solvent, which can compromise the efficacy of the oil. Cold pressing also allows the plant’s nutrients to remain intact, so your skin gets all the benefits.

Healing Breakouts
Getting rid of the actual pimple is one thing, but blemishes are often surrounded by sensitive areas with dry, red and flaky skin. While more active products work to mitigate breakouts, a good facial oil can help to soothe the surrounding skin. Andiroba Seed Oil, which is extracted from an Amazonian tree, was traditionally used in Amazonian communities as a wound-healer. Today, it is used in skin care to calm inflammation and renew the skin. Neroli Clarifying Facial Oil also uses essential oils like Bearberry Leaf Extract to help reduce redness.
Fortified for Results
It takes more than a good base oil to create a great facial oil. Our Neroli Clarifying Facial Oil is fortified with 3 key essential oils to help balance the skin for a clear complexion. Essential oils are highly concentrated substances that contain chemical compounds with many antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Like with the base oils, it is important to find products with the highest quality essential oils. Over 95 percent of the essential oils produced worldwide today are made for the perfume, food and taste industries, which means that they have no therapeutic value to the skin and can actually cause irritation. At Naturopathica, we use clinical-grade essential oils, genuine essential oils that are not compromised by extraction with harsh solvents or through adulteration in the laboratory. In Neroli Clarifying Facial Oil, clarifying Neroli is combined with Bearberry and Juniper to brighten and balance combination and blemish-prone skin.

Breaking down the essential oils featured in Neroli Clarifying Facial Oil:
Neroli Essential Oil
Derived from the Bitter Orange Tree, this uplifting oil has natural toning and clarifying benefits, and helps to balance the skin’s natural oil production. Neroli is also known for its invigorating and mood-lifting floral notes.
Bearberry Leaf Extract
A natural source of Hydroquinone, Bearberry extract is used to brighten and even skin tone. This soothing plant extract also helps to scavenge free radicals, promoting a healthy and radiant complexion.  
Juniper Berry Oil
A strong antimicrobial ingredient that helps to support the skin’s natural healing processes and prevent acne-causing bacteria from forming.

Our Neroli Clarifying Facial Oil is a great skin solve for calming breakouts and mattifying oiliness while protecting the skin. If you’re experiencing a different concern, discover our range of premiere facial oils, designed to nourish and protect the skin barrier.

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