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“The sloughing oats floating amid this creamy cleanser are so quiet, making it the gentlest exfoliator. It smells intoxicating and leaves my cheeks feeling seriously soft.”
– Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director
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Naturopathica’s Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes, for example, contain methyl salicylate—clinically proven to help reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and manage pain.
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“As I get older, I’m noticing dark spots on my face. I’m crazy about putting on Naturopathica Lavender Protective sunscreen all year long, not just in the summer.”
– Natalie Morales, co-anchor of NBC Today
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After cleansing with a cream-based cleanser (foaming cleansers can dehydrate your skin!), use a gentle exfoliant with fruit enzymes like Naturopathica Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel.
– 12 Beauty Essentials for Getting Red-Carpet Ready.
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Free of synthetic chemicals that can cause irritation, “these products incorporate ingredients that are 100 percent good for the skin and work with the body’s natural healing process, not against it."
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Peels with a chemical exfoliator such as lactic or glycolic acid are best for sensitive skin. Self staffers love Naturopathica Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel.
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If you are battling the harsh, cold weather at home, you want to get glowing by first gently exfoliating away those dry, dead layers with a gentle enzyme peel like Naturopathica Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel.
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"Rose oil has also been shown to boost energy, even alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety," says certified aromatherapist Barbara Close, founder of Naturopathica.
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