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We are passionate about wellness and the world we live in. We live by our core values
every day—trustworthy, collaborative, empathetic, authentic, and passionate. We believe in providing exceptional service to our customers and partners and are committed to our
mission of inspiring health lifestyles with passion and purpose.
One third barbara copy
Founder and CEO

As the founder of Naturopathica, wellness is a way of life. Wellness is a lens to explore our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential in everything we do. During my early career as a social worker, I became fascinated with the human potential to create change and at the same time, discovered how the healing arts were fertile ground for personal transformation, from nourishing foods to self-care rituals and mindfulness practices.

My wellness lifestyle includes many things you might expect from a wellness enthusiast—yoga, clean food, meditation, hiking, journaling and harvesting herbs from my garden to make herbal remedies. But above all, my favorite wellness practice is spending time with my beloved furry creatures. They always make me smile and keep me balanced.

One third jon

My commitment to wellness is balancing mind and body with a love of food and wine. Food is at the core of my daily routine and I love cooking with clean, fresh, nutritious ingredients. Spice and flavor are invigorating for the mind and palate, so Thai curries are my signature dish. My exercise routine is designed to create balance and health for body and mind. I play tennis, work out with a trainer several times a week, and practice Qi Gong. I have practiced meditation for many years but discovering Qi Gong has been a more recent and incredible experience.
As a lifelong and serial entrepreneur, what I love about my role at Naturopathica is energizing the team and nurturing the rapid growth of this incredible company. A successful company pays attention to every detail, values and appreciates its team members and constantly listens to its customers. Every day is a new adventure.

One third barry 304 250
SVP of Spa Sales

It may sound like a tall order, but I firmly believe that WELLNESS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Our species and our planet face some unprecedented challenges. However, there are many signs throughout the world that a shift of positive change is underway. One of these is an increased focus on wellness, a deliberate and mindful effort to create a quality state of being and a positive attitude toward ourselves and our community.
Personally, wellness is about self-empowerment and the pursuit of my life’s passions---healthy living through contact with nature, exercise, mindful eating, meditation, experiencing the world and challenging myself each day. For me, wellness includes a willingness to learn and experience new ideas, and ultimately, establish a positive approach toward life with all of its wonder and imperfections.
I’m so proud of what we do at Naturopathica. We’re a company shaping a new reality around wellness and we’re a team of ambassadors creating a more positive future.

One third yushingfoo 304x250
VP of Education

Wellness is putting myself first. I once read a quote that resonated with me, “The most important person is yourself.” In the service industry, it’s normal to put yourself last, which leaves you depleted to serve others. As part of a wellness lifestyle, I start my mornings with daily exercise and meditation. This ritual provides me with time to focus and prepare myself for the day. I find solace in traveling and enjoy grounding myself in natural surroundings to disconnect from the urban life of Manhattan.
It’s only natural that my career took me to Naturopathica, where I can practice what I love most—education— for a company that shares my vision and values. Naturopathica is the future and has been leading the Wellness Industry for over 20 years. I am so proud to work with an innovative brand created by a woman, Barbara Close, who is helping to shape a new reality and dialogue around wellness.
One third elissa 304x250
VP of Marketing 

For me, wellness is about balancing my health and happiness. Over the years I have learned to become more mindful of my free time, prioritizing activities that bring me joy and fill me with energy. Each day, I try to make time for something I love – whether it’s cooking dinner, catching up with a friend, or taking a walk with my adorable dog, Duke.

I am very passionate about Naturopathica’s mission and am grateful to work for a company whose products and work I greatly admire. Each day, I am excited to share our brand and products with more and more people. 
One third ross 304
SVP of Digital & Ecommerce

Wellness to me has always been about eating healthy and staying fit. Sports was a way of life in my home outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I grew up playing hockey and tennis and shifted focus to road cycling and swimming. I started to listen to my body about how hard to push and when to take breaks and try to balance being as active as possible with allowing myself to recover effectively. More recently, I’ve worked on functional training to help my ice hockey game and I’ve also started stretching regularly to help stay limber, I can’t believe how much it’s helped!

In my role at Naturopathica, I focus on the digital experience to allow consumers to discover products and learn about our modern wellness approach. Professionally speaking, I grew up in digital and am excited by this opportunity to expose the brand to new consumers and, in doing so, make it a part of their wellness routine. I appreciate the company culture and team work I get to experience each and every day at the office.

One third beckymorgan 304x250
Communications Director

My commitment to personal wellness is centered around the things that energize, ground and restore me on a daily basis. My morning begins with a run along the Hudson River. This is my personal time to organize the day ahead, contemplate any decisions, balance my emotions and feel grateful for the beauty in everyday things, like the sunrise above the New York City skyline. At the close of each day, I make dinner with my husband. We recap the day and have fun with new, healthy recipes.
My role at Naturopathica is also an important part of my wellness routine. I look forward to coming to work each day so that more people may discover, experience and be transformed by our amazing products and services. I am fortunate in my role to be "on the front lines" and connect with likeminded people who believe in our mission and work to build a better world.
One third suziemorgan 304x250
Director of Ecommerce

Wellness to me has always been about balance. Living in NYC can be stressful if you don't find time to ground yourself, so I'm always seeking a balance between work and life, mind and body, exercise and indulging. One of my favorite parts of my daily routine is coming home to cook dinner with local, fresh food. I love to cook and it has become somewhat of a meditation for me – a quiet time when I can calm my mind and enjoy the repetitive rhythms of preparing a meal–peeling garlic, dicing onions, stirring the sauce.
I grew up in a family that prioritized healthy eating and living. I was introduced to meditation, yoga and the practice of mindfulness as a young child and have continued this lifestyle ever since so I feel lucky and grateful to have found a family of like-minded people to work with everyday. It feels good to come to work each day knowing that our products are truly good and our goal is to make living healthfully attainable to all. 

One third heather 304x250
Supply Chain & Logistics Director

For me, wellness means balance in all areas of our lives. Most importantly, the balance between ourselves and our environment. How we nurture ourselves has a direct effect on the environment around us. I am beginning to understand that the different roles in my life as a wife, a mother and an employee must be lived with mindfulness; being aware that each nurture the other.
It goes without saying that I am grateful to live on the East End of Long Island. I am able to enjoy an abundance of organic foods and the spectacular outdoors. I am also grateful to have found a home with Naturopathica; a company that practices mindfulness in how we care for ourselves and our environment. Whether trouble shooting logistics or working with the team on a new sustainable product, our goal is to make wellness a little easier for our customers to attain.
One third ryann 304x250
Naturopathica East Hampton Spa Director

My commitment to wellness starts at home. It’s important to show my family how living a healthy lifestyle and staying active promotes overall well-being. Our day begins with a nutritious breakfast and ends with a gathering around the family table, enjoying a healthy dinner together and catching up on the day’s activities.  During my downtime, I take advantage of the beautiful landscape in East Hampton by hitting the beaches and trails. Running, hiking and biking help me to de-stress and clear my mind.  

My journey at Naturopathica began 6 years ago. Along the way, I have had the pleasure to work and meet some of the most influential wellness leaders in the industry. What I love about my role at Naturopathica is being able to provide and educate others with the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle.

One third emilydaubert 304x250
Content Editor

My idea of wellness is finding joy in the things that keep me healthy. Attending a morning yoga class leaves me focused, while a nighttime jog is a great way to decompress at the end of the day. At the same time, there’s nothing I enjoy more than splitting a bottle of wine or making dinner with friends. I’m all about prioritizing what makes me feel good. Going dancing, visiting faraway friends, baking and spending time at the botanical gardens are all activities that make me smile.

The best part of working at Naturopathica is the people. Our team truly cares about making individuals feel their best through self-care remedies and rituals. It is my job to communicate this in the most effective way possible. Luckily, the products and services are so good that it’s easy to feel inspired.
One third miyoungkim 304x250
Marketing Manager, Spa Partnerships

For me, wellness is finding true happiness in all that I do. Having a positive outlook and seeing the joy in little moments keeps me content, inspired and energized for all of life’s demands. I’m happiest when I’m having fun and spending quality time with my loved ones. Their smiles at the end of the day fill my cup!

I love that my Naturopathica team and I share the same aspirations. Our common goal is to make wellness more accessible, whether that’s through new partnerships, new products, new videos or social media.
One third devonlodge 304x250
Manager of Naturopathica Chelsea

Wellness has always been a staple of my life. To me, wellness is about finding space from the world around me to listen to what is going on inside. I love living in a fast-paced world and pushing myself daily to grow, but without constant reflection I find I cannot move forward. In order to accomplish everything I want to accomplish, I need to take time to pause, listen and reflect.
What I love about Naturopathica is that we are an entry point to wellness for many people. We give people the opportunity to bring wellness into their lives and provide tools to explore what wellness means to each individual. I feel invigorated by trying to articulate this concept through our space in Chelsea and find new ways to introduce holistic remedies to our community.

One third alexandra samit 304x250
Social Media Manager

I embraced the wellness movement after discovering the healing powers of functional medicine. I learned that what we put in our bodies affects the way that we feel physically and emotionally. Changing my lifestyle improved my well-being, and I wanted to share that with others. I enrolled at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® and became a certified Health Coach, spending the next several years helping people find the same healing as I had.

When I learned about Naturopathica, I knew that I had found a brand that suited my lifestyle, because what we put ON our bodies is just as important as what we put IN them. I was excited to join Naturopathica’s marketing team as its Social Media Manager so that I could share this knowledge. My goal is to engage and grow our community through quality information and helpful suggestions about holistic skincare.

One third andreahallet 304x250
Human Resources and Finance Coordinator

For me, wellness is the smile on the faces of my two boys when we are spending time together. Their laughter releases my stress and helps me find my balance in this busy life. I find that they are endlessly entertaining and have a way of seeing the world in their innocence that reminds me of all the good in the world.

One of the reasons I am so thankful for my job at Naturopathica is that this a company that truly understands the importance of a work-life balance. I believe that this understanding is key to our continued success and I’m looking forward to many more happy, healthy years with the Naturopathica team.
One third lauragevanter 304x250
Product Development

This being my second go-round at Naturopathica (I managed the East Hampton Spa many years ago), I feel very fortunate to be able to use my years of experience in Product Development and Marketing to help create clean, healthy and sustainable products. I love the diversity of my role in that I get to work hands-on with products, as well as assist in the strategic positioning of products. There is tremendous satisfaction in seeing a product through from initial concept to market launch.    

Raised by parents who were progressive-minded in alternative health and nutrition, wellness has been a way of life since birth. For me, wellness goes way beyond food and exercise and is a mind/body/spirit connection that’s honored every day. It’s quieting my mind on a beach walk after work, satisfying my endless curiosity about the human potential through reading and listening to interviews, and exploring the many levels of living consciously. Ultimately, wellness is a deeply rooted sense of peace, knowing that the inner and outer are living in harmony.

One third julianosofsky 304x250
Ecommerce Associate

Wellness to me means being positive and thoughtful in my daily actions and decisions. I try to keep balance in my life and incorporate rituals and activities that help me reflect, reset and feel my best every day.

At Naturopathica, I support our direct ecommerce business. I love what our brand stands for and seeing the way our products can positively influence our customers’ lives. Our office culture reflects our mission and it’s inspiring to be around colleagues who are committed to wellness and making a difference.

Prior to Naturopathica, I worked in executive compensation consulting and most recently at a vegan food startup.
One third brianacagninelli 304x250
Customer Experience Associate

I see wellness as a two-stage superpower. To me, it’s all about awareness and prevention - it’s the ability to listen to the needs of my mind, body and soul, then the ability to make time to nourish those needs. I make a conscious effort every day to do something I enjoy, whether it is preparing a delicious meal, practicing yoga, attending a live music event, spending time with loved ones, or being in nature. I especially love hiking, a love that started as a child with my family in the Italian Alps. This was where I first discovered the feeling of being connected and aligned with the purity of nature.

What I enjoy most about my role at Naturopathica is the connections I get to make each day by assisting our customers. I get to build relationships with customers that are passionate about our brand and products, and I’m motivated to provide the education, tools and support to help each of them feel their best.
One third jenniferpowel 304
Sales Team Administrator

For me, the key to wellness is learning to manage stress. Stress can really impact of your well-being, feeding bad diet choices that affect your physical appearance and drain your energy. So often, people allow stress to consume them by trying to control someone or something that can’t be controlled. As a faithful person, prayer’s important because it allows me to release stress and let God take control when I cannot. I know that all of life’s challenges are temporary and I’m able to live with confidence.

Naturopathica helps others to get in touch with themselves from the inside, out. We encourage a life that’s lived and enjoyed to the fullest, and I truly appreciate being a part of the brand.
One third emmagibson 304x250
Sales Operations Manager

Wellness is my commitment to nurturing my mind, body and spirit. I dedicate time every week to my self-care rituals like doing yoga, treating myself to an at-home facial night or cooking a new vegetarian recipe. These little rituals that support my health and wellness renew my energy and enthusiasm to give back to my loved ones and my community.

As an older sibling, I have always enjoyed sharing my passions and knowledge with anyone who will listen. In my role at Naturopathica, I’m fortunate to be able to share my knowledge of our incredible products and rituals to help every person on their journey to wellness and happiness.
One third erickamabrie 304x250
Marketing Associate

For me, wellness and empowerment go hand in hand. By taking time to create moments of self-care in my hectic schedule, whether through journaling, exercising, or trying new recipes, I can bring my best self and a positive attitude to all facets of my life.

Prior to Naturopathica, I executed promotional marketing strategies at L’Oréal. As a new addition to the marketing team, I am thrilled that my role gives me the opportunity to make others aware of the many ways they can support their individual wellness journeys.

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