Our Founder & CEO

I founded my Healing Arts Center and Spa in 1995 with the goal of helping people attain optimal well-being. I soon realized, however, that my challenge is to educate people about healthy skin care in a world where the beauty industry is surrounded by hype and misinformation. Not only are many “natural” product lines filled with synthetic ingredients, but many of these ingredients are leading allergens and irritants, making the term “skin care” a complete paradox.

My experience is that consumers want safe skin care that really works. Whatever your concern, as a clinical esthetician and product formulator, I strive to create authentic tools that deliver results.

As an aromatherapist, herbalist and wellness author, I want our products to provide a sensorial experience as well. We seek to buy our raw materials in small batches from artisans, herbalists and local farmers, many of whom I know by name. I invite you to open one of our signature blue bottles and enjoy the aromatic power of our premium botanical ingredients.